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1959-61 Corvette Fuel Lines: Pump to Carb All 2x4, 3 Lines, 5 Fittings (Stainless Steel)

Price: $64.08
PART#: F-23S

We started making Fuel Lines here in the early '80s. We took GM original lines off
of cars we were restoring and used them as templates to get a factory perfect fit.
We researched GM archives and found the original company that made the tubing
and nuts and found they are still in business. They agreed to supply us with
the correct tubing and nuts. So if youre doing a correct restoration, our lines are
an absolute must!

All of our Fuel Lines are made in our factories right here in the U.S.A. Each line is
precision crafted with precise factory bends. With finish options in factory style
TBW (Tin Bundy Weld) Steel or you may want to opt for the Stainless Steel.