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1963-82 Corvette Power Steering Cylinder

Price: $168.45


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Our Corvette Power Steering Cylinders are truly a work of art! Completely rebuilt to better than new with only original hand selected GM factory cores. We're dedicated to delivering the finest cylinder you can buy and even back it with our 2 Year Warranty! We've been doing this for 29+ years and we know that the off shore valves and cylinders are crap. Original GM cores are hard to find, but they are sure worth it, we wouldn't settle for anything less, and feel you shouldn't either!

Each cylinder is completely rebuilt to strict guidelines. We fully disassemble, clean, hone and tap each unit and install a brand new cylinder shaft and seals. Each unit is leak tested, guaranteeing proper operation. We also refinish each cylinder in satin black. Perfect for anyone restoring a 1963-82 Corvette!

  • Completely Rebuilt
  • Hand Selected GM Cores
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • New Cylinder Shaft and Seals

*Requires $100 Refundable Core Deposit. Exchanged core must be rebuildable. We only accept GM Saginaw cores. We buy Cylinders cores for $25.00 each.