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1967-76 Corvette COMPLETE Brake Kit Package (Non-Power)

Price: $524.85

PART#: BK-6776N

  • Four Stainless Steel Sleeved O-Ring Piston Calipers
  • Brand New Master Cylinder
  • Complete Set of GM Licensed Rivited Brake Pads
  • 2 Rear Metal Caliper Brake Lines
  • 4 USA Made Rubber Brake Hoses (2 Front/2 Rear)
  • Washers, Pad pins

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Refundable Core Charge Required
You must add a Caliper Refundable Core charge of $220.00.
($55.00 each caliper in the 4 caliper set)  Check Required Box Below.
Confirm Core Charge below.
If a Trailing Arm is purchased, you must add a
Refundable Core charge $ 350.00 for each arm purchased.
Custom Build your All The Way Brake Kit with these upgrades below & Save Big Time!C2, C-2, 1967, 67, C3 1968, 68, 1969, 69, 1970, 70, 1971, 71, 1972, 72, 1973, 73, 1974, 74 1975, 75, 1976, 76


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Year of Corvette*
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VIN or BUILD DATE (If opting for Dated Master Cylinder above)
STAINLESS SUPER UPGRADE KIT - Includes complete Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hose Set, 2 Stainless Trailing Arm Lines & 4 Brake Hose "Horseshoe" Clips
ADD A ROTOR SET - Complete Set of 4 (Standard or Slotted & Drilled)
HAWK PERFORMANCE BRAKE PAD UPGRADE - Complete Front/Rear Set of 8 "Ferro Carbon Performance Pads"
BRAKE LINE KIT - Complete Set | Factory or Stainless
CLIP KIT for BRAKE & FUEL LINES - Complete Set
LEFT TRAILING ARM | Complete Rebuilt Exchange (Price Includes Refundable Core Charge)
RIGHT TRAILING ARM | Complete Rebuilt Exchange (Price Includes Refundable Core Charge)