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O-Ring Conversions


Everything you need to completely rebuild your leaky, old and worn out
disc brake calipers to the trouble free O-Ring Piston design.


Quick, Easy & Affordable
No More Core Charges
Use Your Existing Calipers*
Save Down Time
Virtually Eliminate Leaky Calipers
Double Your Sealing Power
Upgrade & Rebuild at the Same Time
Our Dr. Vette Corvette Brake Caliper Conversion Kits allow you to not only completely rebuild, but upgrade your existing brake calipers quickly, easily and affordably. Designed to save you down time, the cost of new calipers, core costs and the outrageous shipping costs of getting them to your door. With all the savings and upgrades these kits are truly a no brainer. Upgrade today to the trouble free O-ring Piston design that also gives you double the sealing power, virtually eliminating the common problematic leaking caliper syndrome.
Did you Know?
9 out of 10 of all Corvette brake calipers are already sleeved and ready for our conversion kits? This makes rebuilding and converting to the desired O-Ring piston design easy, quick and affordable. Simply disassemble your old existing calipers*, clean, paint and install one of our Conversion kits and you're all done!


    Let's Compare Original Lip Seals to the Improved O-Ring Piston Design


Conventional O-Rings have only 2 good sealing surfaces

Lip seal design seals are used on 1965-1982 Corvette calipers. Lip seals have inherent problems. When they sit for a period of time they leak brake fluid. When they are used on a Corvette with out of spec rotors, spindles, loose bearings or a Corvette that is driven hard; they can actually suck air into the caliper fluid area causing a loss of brake pedal. This problem is called (by GM engineers) reverse air oscillation. Because of these problems, GM quit using lip seals in 1982. O-Ring seals virtually eliminate all of these lip seal problems. If GM doesn't use lip seals anymore, why are you?

Dr. Vette O-Rings feature 45 degree Parting Line O-Rings and
have 4 Good Sealing Surfaces

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