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1963-64 Corvette Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Price: $1,294.29
PART#: DC6364F


Upgrade Me Hawk Brake Pads
Upgrade with Pro Slotted & Drilled Rotors Front Set
Upgrade Me to Stainless Steel brake Hoses
Upgrade Me to Dual Master Cylinder Conversion Kit

Completely transform your Corvette's drum braking system with some serious performance with our complete Bolt On Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit

If you want your drum brake Corvette to stop better with no pulling like drum brake cars do, than this is the kit for you. Completely transform your Corvette's braking system and performance with our complete Disc Brake Conversion Kit. We use original Delco parts. Why? Because a lot of this stuff is reproduced overseas with occasional poor quality control. Sometimes these reproduced parts are not road worthy. Examples of potential defective reproduced steering parts are the dimensions are wrong or the metal is not as strong as original GM stuff and the parts bend. We have seen reproduced spindles bend. Scary! You cant get this stuff new from GM, so what we do is hunt down the real deal- original Delco parts. It takes a lot of time to find this stuff but we think you are worth it. We do not sell parts that we would not put on our own cars! In the kit you get original Delco spindles, new dust shields, Delco spindle washers and nuts, Delco spindle assembly bolts, Delco tie rod brackets, Delco caliper brackets, Delco rotor hubs with new Timken bearings and races, grease seals & grease caps, new rotors, assembled Stainless Steel sleeved Delco calipers with O-Ring pistons and seals, disc brake pads, caliper hoses and caliper mounting bolts. You are getting everything between the upper and lower A-Frames for both left and right side.


   Complete Kit Includes:

Front Complete Spindles
Tie Rod Brackets
Dust Shields
Front O-Ring Type Piston Stainless Steel Sleeved Delco Corvette Calipers
Front Rotors
Caliper Mounting Bolts with Washers
Sets of Brake Pads
Front Bearing Hubs
Bearings with races 2-inner 2-outer
Hub Grease Seals
Grease Cap
Rubber Brake Hoses
Brake Hose Clips
    C2, C-2, 1963, 63, 1964, 64

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We can also custom Taylor your kit!

Note: 1963-64 Corvette factory Rims are Offset and may not fit with this conversion kit. You may have to use 1965 and up rims which will use your factory 1963-64 hubcaps.

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