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1963-81 Corvette Steering Coupler Web Repair Kit

Price: $18.00
17 Piece Corvette Steering Coupler Web Repair Kit with web and attaching hardware for all 1963-81 Corvettes.

Nothing says "worn out" like sloppy steering. A Corvette is supposed to be a driver's dream, but that dream turns into a nightmare when your Corvette wanders all over the road.

You may think it's an expensive trip to the shop for a complete front-end rebuild-- but wait. It may be nothing more than the rag joint connecting the steering shaft to the steering box. Actually, it's not made from rags at all. Instead, the rag joint is made from layers of rubber, and looks kind of like the cross section of a tire. But like everything else, it's subject to aging. As rubber gets older, it stiffens and loses its ability to bend. For the rag joint that means that every turn, every course correction, and every movement of the steering wheel sends an impact to the now-brittle rubber, wearing progressively worse with age.

This is a Universal kit designed to work for many GM applications, therefore there are NO instructions included. Please refer to your vehicles service manual.