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2018 Catalog
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1963-66 Corvette Front End Suspension Rebuild Kit "Stage III"

Price: $405.03
PART#: SU01B_63-66


Available in OE Rubber or Polyurethane Bushings

Stage III Front End Suspension Rebuild Kit

  Includes Kit:
  • 4 Tie Rod Ends
  • 2 Tie Rod Sleeves w/Clamps
  • 4 Ball Joints w/Rivets
  • 8 A-Arm Bushings
  • 2 Stabilizer Bar Link Kits
  • 1 Idler Arm
  • Upper & Lower A-Arm Bumpers
  • A-Arm Dust Covers w/Fasteners

Kit comes with Rubber bushings, you can upgrade to all Polyurethane bushings above for an upcharge.