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1963 Corvette Delco Master Cylinder (Non Power Brakes) GM Casting # 5462389

Price: $206.82
100% Factory Correct 1963 Corvette Master Cylinder with Non-Power Brakes. These brand new units are correct in everyway including the correct GM Part # 5462385, correct casting # 5462389, 7/8" bore, even our caps feature the correct markings with proper thumb screw.  These genuine Delco master cylinders are a direct factory replacement for your 1963 Corvette with Non-Power Brakes and truly worthy of any restoration. We also carry the Power  Brake Version.
Year 1963 Corvette
Brakes Non-Power
Condition NEW
GM Part # 5462385
Option # 3828760
Casting # 5462389
Bore 7/8"
Cap Correct Factory Markings
Cap Bolt Type Factory Thumb Screw
Weight 4 lbs. 11 oz.
1963 Corvette Master Cylinder Power Brakes 5463285, 5462389
         100% CORRECT
GM Licensed Restoration Part
100% Original Delco Moraine
Correct Stampings
Correct Casting Numbers
Correct Bore
Correct Finish

Brand New Licensed GM Restoration Part
  If you've been looking for a 100% Correct Master Cylinder to finish off your 1963 Corvette, look no further. No more sleeving, or looking around for a core, buy it new! These GM Licensed Delco Moraine Master Cylinders look, feel, weigh, and perform exactly like an original, even our caps are perfect! If you're restoring a 1963 Corvette you just found your Master Cylinder. These GM Restorations are it!
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