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1967 Corvette Booster & Replacement Master Cylinder Combo (NEW)

Price: $288.40


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Includes a 1964-67 Corvette Booster, NEW and 1967 Corvette Power & Non Power Brakes Replacement Master Cylinder - NEW. The booster is 100% Correct Part #7011.

Booster Includes, 2 Bolts (BB-1,2 Bracket) & Pedal Clevis with Pin & Retaining Clip

For years Corvette Stainless Steel Brakes, Inc. in Miami Florida had rebuilt midyear brake boosters. The brothers were always in short supply of good un-pitted cores for their NCRS, Bloomington and generally real picky customers. The boys looked at the repro mid year boosters available and did not like what they saw because they were not correct. So after acquiring original GM prints and spending tens of thousands of dollars in research, development and tooling the boys came up with a 100% correct Delco 1964-1967 booster.
These boosters have the correct yellow zinc plating, rivets, mounting studs, actuating pin with proper markings, yellow vacuum fitting with proper markings, brake pedal clevis with clevis pin and retainer, white plastic dust cover and #7011 Delco part number. All Factory boosters had a julian date stamped behind the 7011 part number. Check your judging manual.

There new boosters are reasonably priced and are correct. If you have an original booster and have it rebuilt and re-plated, it would cost more than these new units. Also when an old booster is re-plated, they usually look awful when finished because the plating does not remove all of the decades of corrosion and pitting. So now with these 100% correct boosters there is no point rebuilding your old midyear brake booster because the new units look better and cost less. And Great replacement cylinder for the non-judged but with all the quality of our GM licensed Cylinders.


We offer Julian dating for an additional $50.00, please specify Julian Date in Personalization field. Have your Corvette Booster Dated to add more originality to your car. Or let us know us know the "VIN" or the "Build date". So then we can figure an appropriate date. Please fill out the "Personalization" before adding item to your cart, or call us if you need more information. Dating is for the booster Dating is not avialible on Replacement Cylinders.

If you want a dated Cylinder you need to purchase BB-GM67

C2, C-2, 1963-67, 1967, 67