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1965-66 Corvette Delco Master Cylinder & Brake Booster Kit with 7/16" Ports

Price: $1,191.50


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Master Cylinder Details:



100% Factory Correct Mid 1965-1966 Corvette Master Cylinder with Power Brakes. These brand new Licensed Official GM Restoration Parts master cylinders are correct in every way. Reproduced from the original GM blueprints, they have the correct GM Part # 5467005, Correct Casting # 5467084 and factory 7/16" x 24 threads. Even our caps are it, and have the correct amount of yellow haze and the correct markings. We also offer Julian Dating stamping to make it official for an additional $50. These genuine Delco master cylinders are a direct factory replacement for your 1965-66 Corvette with Power Brakes and truly worthy of any restoration.
Year Mid 1965-1966
Brakes Power
Condition NEW
GM Part # 5467005
Casting # 5467084
Brake Line Size 1/4"
Bore Size 1"
Brake Line Inlet Size 7/16" x 24 Thread
Cap Correct Factory Markings
Weight 5 lbs. 13 oz.
1963 Corvette Master Cylinder Power Brakes 5463285, 5462389
         100% CORRECT
Reproduced from Factory Original GM Blueprints
GM Licensed Restoration Part
100% Original Delco Moraine
Correct Finish
Correct Bore
Julian Dating Available


Power Brake Booster Details:



These brake boosters are 100% Factory Correct in every way. They have the correct yellow zinc plating, rivets, mounting studs, actuating pin with proper markings, yellow vacuum fitting with proper markings, brake pedal clevis with clevis pin and retainer, white plastic dust cover and even the correct Delco Moraine part number for your specific year (see chart below).

All 1964-67 Factory Corvette boosters had a Julian date stamped, check your judging manual. We offer the same factory Julian Stamped Dating Service for an additional $50 below. All you have to do is let us know us know the "VIN #" or the "Build date" below and we will handle the rest.

If you have an original booster and have it rebuilt and re-plated, it would cost more than one of these new units. Also when an old booster is re-plated, they usually look awful when finished because the plating does not remove all of the decades of corrosion and pitting. So now with these 100% correct boosters there really is no point in rebuilding your old midyear brake booster because the new units look better and cost less.





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