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1965-82 Corvette Caliper Standard O-Ring Conversion Kit (Front)

Price: $45.54

Why Go with O-Rings?

Lip seal design seals are used on 1965 - 1982 Corvette calipers and can suffer from an inherent problem called "Reverse Air Oscillation". GM quit using lip seal calipers because of this in 1982. Reverse Air Oscillation would occur when your Corvette would sit for a period of time and it would leak brake fluid. Furthermore, when lip seals are used on a Corvette with warped or out of spec rotors and or spindles, loose bearings or a Corvette that is driven hard; they can actually suck air into the caliper fluid area causing a loss of brake pedal or better known as Reverse Air Oscillation". O-Ring seals virtually eliminate all of these lip seal problems. If GM doesn't use lip seal calipers anymore why are you?

Note: 1965-66 Corvettes are 1st design calipers, these kits are for the 2nd design. The majority of 1st design calipers have been stainless steel sleeved and converted over the last 46 years to the 2nd design. Please check your calipers before ordering, the pistons should look like the ones pictured (see Download instructions below).

1965-82 Corvette Front Brake Caliper O-Ring Conversion Kit #O-RING-1
Kit Includes: (4) O-Ring Pistons, (4) Piston O-Rings (4) Pistons Dust Boots, (2) Caliper Half Seal
  DID YOU KNOW? 9 out of 10 calipers are already sleeved? That means you dont need to bore out 90% the caliper cores you have sitting in your shop and insert stainless steel sleeves, thats already done! Simply disassemble your cores, clean and paint the ones that are sleeved; then purchase our O-Ring Conversion Kits below and start making more money today. Also by purchasing these kits, you are helping save planet earths precious fuel resources and reducing carbon emissions by not shipping boxes of heavy calipers to your caliper supplier. Go green today!

KIT DOES 1 (Left or Right) Front Wheel
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