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1965-74 Corvette Stainless Steel Power Steering Hose Kit (Big Block)

Price: $214.70
   Stainless Steel Braided
Power Steering Hose Kit 
1965-74 Big Block Corvette

100% Complete Stainless Steel Braided Power Steering Hose Kit, manufactured with pride in our U.S. factory. Our Stainless Steel Power Steering Hose Kits are impervious to corrosion and feature PTFE Teflon inner hose lining just like the aircraft industry and can handle an excess of 3,000 PSI. Not only is the Teflon lined with Braided Stainless Steel, but the Tubes are 304 Type Stainless Steel and the Tube to Hose fittings are as well (Pressure and 2 Cylinder hoses, Return hose is Rubber lined Braided Stainless Steel with Type 304 Stainless Steel Tube and Steel Tube to Hose Fitting). These 1965-74 Corvette Power Steering Hoses are the ultimate in quality, durability with a factory precision fit. Direct factory replacement kit that includes all 4 of the power steering hoses for your 1965-74 Big Block Corvette.

     Kit Includes brand new:
  • Extend Power Steering Hose
  • Retract Power Steering Hose
  • Return Power Steering Hose
  • High Pressure Power Steering Hose
 You asked for it, now you got it!
  For years our customers have been asking when we're going to come out with a Stainless Steel version of our famous Power Steering hoses. So by popular demand here they are!