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2018 Catalog
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1965-82 Corvette Brake Pads, Vintage J56 (Used Set)

Price: $200.00 Each Wheel

GM original Vintage J-56 Inconell brake pads. OK what is iconell?
With the original J-56 pads the GM race team early on had big
problems with the steel backing plate on the pads warping. So
GM researched metals and started using space age inconell
which was developed by NASA. A magnet will not stick to inconell.
We acquired these used pads (they will need to be relined)
from a retired GM race team mechanic. Question-If you
have an original J56 car; do you have original J-56 pads? Get
a magnet and find out. We only have about a 100 or so, don't delay.

1965, 65, 1966, 66, 1967, 67, 1968, 68, 1969, 69, 1970, 70, 1971, 71, 1972, 72, 1973, 73, 1974, 74 1975, 75, 1976, 76, 1977, 77, 1978, 78, 1979, 79, 1980, 80, 1981, 81, 1982, 82, c2, c3, c-2, c-3