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1965-82 Corvette Rear Brake High Heat Caliper Rebuild Kit (2 Wheels) w/ Pistons

Price: $64.69
PART#: #P-SLipRear


Complete 2 Wheel High Heat Silicone Rear Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit for your 1965-82  Corvette brake calipers. Each kit completely rebuilds both Left and Right Rear Calipers including High Heat Silicone Boots, High Heat Silicone Lip Seals, Caliper Half Half O-Rings and 8 Lip Seal Aluminum Pistons.  Do Not Use DOT 5 Silicone Brake Fluid. Will Void Warranty.


  • 8 Caliper High Heat Boots
  • 8 Caliper High Heat Lip Seals
  • 8 Aluminum Lip Seal Pistons
  • 2 Caliper Half O-Rings
Don't forget to click "Add Lip Seal Piston Installation Tool" below if you don't have one, you wont be able to do this job without it.