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2018 Catalog
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1965-82 Corvette Stainless Steel Emergency/Parking Brake Hardware Kit

Price: $98.50
PART#: EBH-6582
            1965-82 CORVETTE

These "Stainless Steel" Emergency/Parking Brake Hardware Kits have everything you need to get your system bake in order and keep it from commonly freezing up in the future. As always, only top quality parts and 100% complete kits is the only way we do things.

  • Eliminates Parking Brake Freeze-Ups
  • E-Z Install - No Need to Pull the Shafts for Installation

   Kit Includes all Stainless Steel:
  • Upper Return Springs
  • Lower Return Springs
  • Hold Down Nails and Springs
  • Shoe Adjusters
  • Actuators