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2018 Catalog
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1970-72 Corvette Wiper Door Actuator, 2 Line Vacuum Line Assembly

Price: $111.95
PART#: V-7072WD
Exact replacement, fits across firewall
from the drivers side over to the wiper
door actuator on the passenger side.
Hand crafted with factory precise bends
for a perfect fit every time! Specifically
designed with you in mind.

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1968-1972 Corvette Wiper Door Manual Control Valve (C2-C3)
Price: $18.33
1968-1972 Corvette Wiper Door Manual Control Valve (C2-C3)
This switch is used to override the Vacuum Valve so you can service (change) the Wiper Arms, Wiper Blades or Headlight Bulbs. Pulling down on switch causes wiper door to stay open.