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2018 Catalog
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1963 Power Brake Booster Rebuild Kit

Price: $229.95
PART#: BB-1Kit
1963 Corvette Power Brake Booster "Major" Overhaul Kit
If you are lucky enough to have an Original Booster that is complete, we have what it takes to get it Rebuilt the Correct Way! These kits are the way to go
and complete. 

Kit Includes:

1-Check Valve Grommet 
1-Grease Packet

1-Check Valve

1-Diaphragm Larger Hole

1-Tail Stock Muffler

1-Rear Boot Silencer  

2-Sealing Center O-Ring

1-Piston Sealing O-Ring

1-Front Metal Cup Sealing O-Ring

1-Front Vacuum Seal

1-MP Front M/C Retainer 
1-Rear Seal

1-Poppet Bumper

1-Rear Boot

1-Poppet Valve

1-Poppet Valve Diaphragm 

Also Fits: Buick Electra, Invicta, Riviera, Special, Wildcat 1963-64

Chevy Belair, Biscayne, Impala 1962-63

Corvette 1963

Chevy II 1962-63,

Pontiac: 1963 Bonneville, Catalina, Grand Prix,

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