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1963-74 Corvette Power Steering Pump

Price: $256.05

            S I M P L Y   T H E   B E S T
Power Steering Pumps

  Look guys, we know you can buy a rebuilt pump from Auto Zone for a lot less for your Corvette, So what is the difference? Well, we start with an original GM Saginaw pump core, not a reproduction pump from chop sue land. Then we install a new GM internal pump (ring, rotor and vanes), a new shaft bearing, seals etc. Then we top it off with a new GM reservoir. The typical rebuilder changes only the seals when rebuilding a pump, that's why theyre so cheap and will always leak and make noise! These are just shy of a new unit, But with a 2 Year Warranty. No core needed! Not all Corvette Power Steering Pumps are alike, choose wisely.
  • Original GM Saginaw Pump Core
  • New GM Reservoir
  • New GM Internal Pump
  • New Ring, Rotor and Vanes
  • 2 Year Warranty


1963-74 Corvette Power Steering Pump
Years: 1963, 63, 1964, 64, 1965, 65, 1966, 66, 1967, 67, 1968, 68, 1969, 69, 1970, 70, 1971, 71, 1972, 72, 1973, 73, 1974, 74, C2, C3